自信をもって受験できそう1Z0-060認定 - ダウンロードの1Z0-060認定フォーマットを提供します、もっと自信に1Z0-060認定試験を受けます、1Z0-060認定身につけている方だけに資格が得られるようにして、サイドの1Z0-060認定後ろ側が、あなたの1Z0-060認定試験への復習にヘルプを提供、一発合格できないと1Z0-060認定、オラクルの1Z0-060認定を一回合格するためには必ず良い準備しなければなりません、一部の1Z0-060認定問題と解答を無料に試用する、認証育成と自己検定の1Z0-060認定一番良い製品を提供いたします、1Z0-060認定なければ全額に返金すると保証します、1Z0-060認定十分に試験に合格させることができます、1Z0-060認定の準備を完了したのですか

NO.1 Which three statements are true about the working of system privileges in a multitenant
control database (CDB) that has pluggable databases (PDBs)?
A. The granter of system privileges must possess the set container privilege.
B. System privileges apply only to the PDB in which they are used.
C. Local users cannot use local system privileges on the schema of a common user.
D. Common users connected to a PDB can exercise privileges across other PDBs.
E. System privileges with the with grant option container all clause must be granted to a common
user before the common user can grant privileges to other users.
Answer: A,B,E

A, Not D: In a CDB, PUBLIC is a common role. In a PDB, privileges granted locally to PUBLIC enable all
local and common users to exercise these privileges in this PDB only.
C: A user can only perform common operations on a common role, for example, granting privileges
commonly to the role, when the following criteria are met:
The user is a common user whose current container is root.
The user has the SET CONTAINER privilege granted commonly, which means that the privilege applies
in all containers.
The user has privilege controlling the ability to perform the specified operation, and this privilege has
been granted commonly
* Every privilege and role granted to Oracle-supplied users and roles is granted commonly except for
system privileges granted to PUBLIC, which are granted locally.

NO.2 You are administering a database stored in Automatic Storage management (ASM). The files are
stored in the DATA disk group. You execute the following command:
SQL > ALTER DISKGROUP data ADD ALIAS '+data/prod/myfile.dbf' FOR '
What is the result?
A. The file '+data.231.54769' is renamed as 'myfile.dbf', and copied to '+data/prod'.
B. The file '+data.231.54769' is physically relocated to '+data/prod' and renamed as 'myfile.dbf'.
C. The file 'myfile.dbf' is created in '+data/prod' and the reference to '+data.231.54769' in the data
dictionary removed.
D. The file '+data.231.54769' remains in the same location and a synonym 'myfile.dbf' is created.
Answer: D

ADD ALIAS Use this clause to create an alias name for an Oracle ASM filename. The alias_name
consists of the full directory path and the alias itself.


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