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試験科目:「IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 (FEP 7), Application Development」
問題と解答:全170問 C8010-725 ウェブトレーニング

>> C8010-725 ウェブトレーニング


NO.1 The business logic layer in WebSphere Commerce runtime is implemented using the command
pattern where application logic is specified independently from the presentation layer. Which
statement about the implemented commands for the business logic layer is correct?
A. View commands are invoked by the task commands and are used to compose a view as a response
to a client request.
B. Task commands are used to implement application logic and should not be accessed by the
presentation layer.
C. Entity beans act as an interface between the business components and the database.
D. Data bean commands are invoked by the data bean manager and are used to populate fields of a
data bean with data from a persistent object.
Answer: B

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NO.2 An application developer notices that a policy that is expected to grant access appears in the
trace, however it is not being applied. In addition an error similar to the following example is logged
to the trace.log file.
Apart from ensuring that the resource owner is subscribing to the correct policy groups and
subscribing the organization to the policy group, what are the correct values to insert into the
A. orgentity_id = -2001 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup) and
orgentity_id = -2001 and acpolgrp_id =10003 (CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
B. orgentity_id = -2001 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup)and
orgentity_id = 2002 and cpolgrp_id =10003 CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
C. orgentity_id = 2002 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup) and
orgentity_id = 2002 and cpolgrp_id =10003 CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
D. orgentity_id = 2002 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup)and
orgentity_id = -2001 and cpolgrp_id =10003 CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
Answer: C

C8010-725無料ダウンロード C8010-725保証

NO.3 An application developer needs to add Web 2.0 features to the Consumer Direct store model.
This involves registering events that respond to AJAX calls. Which dojo function must be used to
register an event and the JavaScript function that triggers it?
A. dojo.connect(topic, context, method)
B. dojo.connectPublisher(topic, object, event)
C. dojo.subscribe(topic, context, method)
D. dojo.listen(topic, context, method)
Answer: B

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